Mushrooms: A Positive Approach to Health & Wellness?

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Nutraceuticals from Natural Herbs and Organically Grown* Mushrooms

Current research is focused on mushrooms* and:

the immune system

blood pressure

stress reduction




anti-viral effects

cardio-vascular effects

anti-tumor effects


"Mushrooms are valuable health food - low in calories, high in vegetable proteins, iron, zinc, chitin, fiber, vitamins & minerals. Mushrooms also have a long history of use in Traditional Chinese Medicine . Their legendary effects on promoting good health and vitality and increasing your body's adaptive abilities have been supported by recent studies. These studies suggest that Mushrooms are probiotic - they help our body strengthen itself and fight off illness by maintaining physiological homeostasis - restoring our bodies balance and natural resistance to disease. The compounds they contain have been classified as Host Defense Potentiators (HDP) which can have immune system enhancement properties. That is one of the reasons they are currently used as adjuncts to cancer treatments in Japan and China."

*Certified Organic Mushroom Nutraceuticals Grown by Gourmet Mushrooms Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI).

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Information contained within these pages refers to the health and medicinal benefits of herbs & mushrooms suggested by recent scientific research and their use in Traditional Chinese Medicine; it does not constitute claims for any product. This information has not been evaluated by a Health Professional or Practitioner and may not be based on "competent and reliable scientific evidence". A list of mushroom related references can be found on: HTTP:// Medicinal Mushrooms - Readings and References.